User Guide

How to Play

1. Select an item
On the prize list page, tap the prize you want to win. Below the prize image, you can check the prize name, play points, model, and how to play.
2. Tap PLAY
The game screen for the prize you selected will be displayed. To start the game press the 'PLAY' button.
3. Operate the sideways movement arm
Press the horizontal arrow to move the crane arm. The arm only moves while you are holding it down, and stops when you release it.
4. Control backward arm
When the camera switches, press the back move button to move the arm. Release the button to lower the arm.
5. Switch cameras
You can freely switch the camera angle during play. You can check from the front, side, and top viewpoints.
6. Continue
If you didn't get a prize and will keep trying, please press 'YES'. If the timer reaches '0' or you tap 'NO' then the play will finish.
7. Prize Win
If the prize drops down, it will be won and the Win Effect will be displayed.
*In rare cases it may not be displayed.Please inform us via thw 'Inquiry' button.
*There are a variety of ways of winning depending on the game.
8. Confirmation of prize
Prizes won will be added to the 'Won Prizes / Shipping Request' part of the menu.

Charge Method

1. Point charge
In order to play with HappyCrane, you will need points offered by HappyCrane. First, tap the 'Charge' button.
2. Select points
Tap the points to charge
3. Select charge method
Choose the method used to charge. Follow the instructions on the screen to purchase points.
4. Checking points
Make sure that the 'Owned points' at the bottom of the screen has increased by the amount purchased

How to send shipping request

1. Checking prizes
Tap 'Won Prizes / Shipping Request' in the menu.
2. Selecting prizes to be shipped
Select the prizes to be shipped in the left check box and tap Delivery Address Input. Follow the instructions on the screen and enter the 'shipping address'.


上限じょうげんがく 18さい未満みまん 10,000えん/つき


当社が販売している商品を除き、転売業者や個人のサイト等で販売されている商品は、使用期限・消費期限・賞味期限・品質管理において把握することが不可能なため、 当社として一切の責任を持つことはできません。